Graphic design & media production

Graphic design

Visitors that come to your website are primarily interested in content and information. Even so, it is the visual impact of the website that creates that vitally important first impression and helps you establish a certain level of credibility even before the first letter is read. Statistics show that users are likely to move on within a matter of seconds if your website does not give a good first impression.


As a rule of thumb, we tend to think that the creation of a website hinges on 80% craftmanship (knowledge and experience!) and 20% creativity.


Here are some of the principles we follow in order to ensure work of the highest quality:

  • Reflection of the customer's business and identity
  • Carefully elaborated colour palettes
  • Pixel perfection
  • Sharp, high quality images
  • User-friendliness
  • Strict adherence to existing corporate image guidelines (if any)
  • Optimal balance between readability and content/information quantity per screen


Before launching a new website, we ensure that it...

  • communicates what the customer is all about as quickly and clearly as possible;
  • is eye-catchingpleasing to the eye and comfortable to use;
  • is easy to use;
  • supports the customer's business model and facilitates the day-to-day operations of the company to any extent it is possible;


Logo & corporate image design

Your corporate identity is more than just your logo applied to promotional material. It is the way you use concepts such as colours, imagery, videos, sound, music, shapes, symbolism, font styles, slogans and jingles to make your company instantly recognizable and distinguishable.

Corporate identity design is much too often thought of as graphic design, but although the two are related, we prefer to think of graphic design elements as the ingredients in a recipe. The corporate identity plays the part of the recipe and is what defines clearly how, where and when the ingredients are to be blended together.

Our Corporate Identity Guideline Package includes a complete set of guideline documents that will help you enforce your corporate identity policy throughout your organization. We understand the importance of the fine balance between detail and readability: The guidelines need to be clear and concise, because you don't want it to be prone to misunderstandings or ambiguities. And yet it needs to be brief, to the point and easy to read.

Responsive web design

In the process of getting your website on the air it is very easy to forget that more and more people are using mobile phones and tablets to access the internet.

And desktop sales are dropping: In the last quarter of 2011 the U.S. saw the worst annual growth in desktop sales since 2001 (IDC, Jan 2012). By the year 2015 over 80% of internet users are expected to be browsing the web using smartphones and tablets.

These are facts and and projections you need to be aware of when developing your website strategy.

We face the challenge of delivering solutions that are functional and esthetically pleasing across platforms head on. By default, we plan for at least four different categories of platform, elaborating one skin (design/layout template) for each:

  • Desktops and laptops running Windows, Mac OS X or Linux
  • Tablets (landscape mode)
  • SmartPhones (portrait mode)
  • Older cellulars and non-smartphone models

We implement a responsive "skin" for each category and use an advanced device detection technology in order to determine which of the available skins are most suitable for the device in question. This is based on a live and continuously growing database of X.000 handheld models.

The result is a simple and effective scheme for supporting as many platforms and screen resolutions as possible in a predictable manner.

Media production

The right use of video materials can easily push your web presence right into the big league.

If you are willing to go that extra mile in order to distinguish your company from the masses, our media team can create powerful, high end video productions, employing the latest in multimediamedia technology,
with or without the direct involvement of your staff.

3D technology for social networks

We specialize in 3D technology for social media platforms. Please contact us for more details about this.