What our advocates say

Pete Sevil, Blue Venom Band:

Ligante has created a state of the art website for my band, Blue Venom. My band feels it is a great device for the ongoing promotion and for providing information worldwide.

The website looks very professional from the opening page all the way through as well as all the technical details for listening to our music.

The whole process was easy and they were very helpful throughout the setting up of the website. They really know their stuff. It is great to know that their ongoing support is close at hand if we encounter any problems or need any changes.

I would recommend their services to anyone who wants a professional, very well designed website.

Liz Hill, St. George QLD:

...When Kate Schwager at Ligante spoke about the small town’s website concept, I realised the possibilities of such a portal for St.George; a website for the town, community groups, tourists and businesses, connecting all the community groups together in one place, like a hub. Newbies to town can research the area they are coming to, travelers wanting places to visit and school children researching projects. Organisations can promote and give their contact details, everyone can find out about local sporting and community groups. Promotion of local services and businesses allow them to advertise on the net, supporting local groups by placing a banner over the community page. Even when you go travelling you can show people where you live.

A few months later when I rang Kate to see if any of the local women with “computer skills” had taken up the idea, she was very encouraging and said “Even someone with limited computer skills could use the small town’s suite!”

And so I began the journey of developing a website for St George. Kate was there every step of the way with me. The publishing solution was very user friendly and learning the steps in developing a website, loading pictures and pasting information was not arduous. Kate was very patient and able to lead me step by step through the process. I found that I could always reach her via email and chat.

The knowledge Kate gave to me was very relevant. The business package has also been particularly helpful as I developed my relationships within the town and launched the website in June 2006.

Thank you to Kate and the rest of the team at Ligante for believing in me and for providing this wonderful opportunity to establish my own business – one I could run from the farm.

Of course if you know of anyone who is passionate about their town and would like to promote it using a sustainable concept and running it as a business let them know about Ligante!