About Ligante

Having been involved in the creation of websites for 17 years, since before Internet Explorer was conceived, we are truly passionate about what we do without allowing ourselves to get carried away by new technologies or swayed by the latest industry trends. Taking a pragmatic, no-nonsense approach to identifying requirements and distinguishing between needs and wants, we maintain a tight focus on delivering solutions that "do the job".

Planning for success

Obvious as it may seem, careful planning and a structured methodology are by far the most important aspects of a successful website. Our view is that a website does not necessarily need a large degree of complexity or sophistication in order to be a success. We take a simple and pragmatic approach, in which understanding the customer's business processes and model comes before everything else. Most web media companies can deliver dazzling artwork and employ cutting edge technology. Not quite so many understand that graphic design and technology are just pieces in a larger puzzle. Our preferred way to work is to elaborate a detailed development plan as an initial project phase, and use this as a solid foundation for a quote or project proposal. Either way, no development takes place until a detailed plan is in place. This is the bottom line and the key to our success. It is also one of the main reasons why our customers stick around for years in a market where customer relations tend to be fleeting and short-lived.

Ligante in Webster's Dictionary

a material which has properties of holding solid particles together to constitute a coherent mass.

Our guarantee

We guarantee a 100% refund on a range of our services in cases where we fail to deliver as promised. 

This applies to deadlines and any other aspect that can be measured tangibly. Please feel free to ask us for more information about this when you request a quote. 

The course of a typical project

In order to ensure smooth project execution and avoid expensive misunderstandings along the way, we take a collaborative and iterative approach with the stakeholders of the project.

Regular meetings with all stakeholders
are an instrumental part of the process. Working software is tested and QA is carried out at every milestone of the project. This not only keeps the project on course, but also ensures that the final product is in line with original expectations

Note that a development plan (our Development Plan Package) is usually elaborated prior to the submission of a project quote/proposal. See the outline to the right to discover what this constitutes.